The laws of chance, strange as it seems,
Take us exactly where we most likely need to be
[David Byrne]

terça-feira, 12 de setembro de 2006

Chocoholism - parte 1

You may have heard that chocolate contains the same chemical that the brain creates when we’re feeling romantic love. This chemical, phenylethylamine (pronounced fennel-ethyl-a-meen) and abbreviated as PEA, has the same properties whether found in chocolate or in the brain.

PEA is so powerfully mood-altering that is used to be a prescribed medication! Until the early 1980s, PEA was the main ingredient in a pill called MDMA. Then it was declared an illegal drug and was taken off the market. Today, the same pill is sold on the streets as “Ecstasy” or “X”.

Excerto do livro Constant Craving de Doreen Virtue.