The laws of chance, strange as it seems,
Take us exactly where we most likely need to be
[David Byrne]

terça-feira, 12 de setembro de 2006

Chocoholism - parte 2

Why do we crave chocolate to such a degree? Why do women, in particular, struggle with chocolate cravings? There are four possible reasons:

1. Love and emotional attachments are so important to women, and chocolate creates the feeling of being beloved, cherished, and understood.

2. Our hormonal shifts throughout our menstrual cycle trigger cravings.

3. More women than men seek help for depression, and chocolate is an excellent, albeit temporary, antidepressant.

4. Women who do too much, who attempt Superwoman life-styles, sometimes use chocolate to boost their energy.

Excerto do livro Constant Craving de Doreen Virtue.