The laws of chance, strange as it seems,
Take us exactly where we most likely need to be
[David Byrne]

domingo, 30 de dezembro de 2007

Like a Virgo

The desert-dwelling creosote bush can survive for centuries on little water. In the Mohave Desert there is a ring of creosote, named "King Clone", whose age has been carbon-dated at 11,700 years. The hardiness of this low-maintenance wonder reminds me of you, Virgo. You sometimes entertain the fantasy that the less you need, the stronger you'll be. The downside of this attitude is that you may unwittingly make it hard for people to give you their gifts. The upside is that you've learned many secrets about how to nurture and take care of yourself. But in 2008, I foresee you making a shift away from the creosote bush metaphor. You're more likely to resemble a tomato bush that gets watered regularly. [daqui]


Blogger Charlotte said...

Ora um tomate... Bela previsão! Óptimo ano, querida Sam!

4:18 da tarde  
Anonymous Anónimo said...


6:05 da tarde  
Blogger Sam said...

Estas metáforas são terríveis, sinto-me acometida de um certo ketchup fright.

Obrigada, happy new now!

6:25 da tarde  
Blogger dan said...

["happy new now" é excelente, ponto de exclamação, adorei. mas, embora 2008 já esteja no seu sétimo dia, creio que ainda vou a tempo de desejar] Um Bom Ano!

5:37 da tarde  
Blogger Sam said...

Obrigada, Mr. Whistleblower. O happy new now é uma citação (tudo é...) de uma tira do Mutts que publiquei em 31/12/2004, tentei fazer o link mas não saiu.

9:43 da tarde  

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